Rebecca Archuleta Testimonial

My name is Rebecca and I have to say I have loved taking the Vibrant Living Health Coaching classes!  There are things that I have learned in the class to apply to my everyday life, things that have made positive changes and helped me improve my outlook on things.  One main thing I would like to tell is how the power of having positive thoughts and not just thinking about what you want but actually feeling it and having that visualization!  I recently applied for a job that I wanted very badly, I kept telling myself I deserved this position, I am the person for this job and not only telling myself that but I felt it.  The same day I interviewed they called me with an amazing offer!  This is all due to the things I have learned and put into action from the Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Program.  Thank you Stacy and RaeLynn for introducing me and including me in on such and wonderful course.

Rebecca Archuleta Holistic Health Coach & Nutritional Consultant

Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Certification Program

Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Certification Program is designed to give you the tools you need to make a profound difference in your life and the lives of others! We focus on giving individuals the tools to nourish their body, heart, mind and soul, discover their purpose and passion and share their unique gifts with the world!

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